Healthcare-at-home Operations: We want to see you!

We understand that attending any paid workshop involves considerations beyond an individual decision. That's why we have provided a Justification Letter for you to send for necessary approval. Just copy and paste the letter below into your email.

Home Health, Hospice, and Home Care Operations Certification Letter

Subject: Request for Approval: CHAP [Home Health/Hospice/Home Care] Operations Workshop  –[insert month / year]


I’m writing to request your approval to attend CHAP’s [Home Health/Hospice/Home Care] Operations  Certification workshop from [insert dates] in [City, State]. This workshop presents a substantial opportunity to enhance our team's operational and clinical performance while promoting growth.


Here's why this workshop is valuable to us:


1. Operational Efficency: The workshop teaches efficient intake, fiscal management, and workforce management, aiming to increase profitability and reduce turnover.

2. Clinical Excellence: The training imparts valuable operational tactics to reduce compliance risks, improve quality, and enhance publicly reported data.

3. Growth: It equips us with ethical sales strategies, effective referral navigation, cross-selling techniques, and proven tactics to boost agency growth.

4. Certification: Gaining the certification validates our commitment to hospice operational expertise, enhancing our reputation.


The value derived will significantly outweigh the investment. 

Home Care: Early Bird price of this workshop is $1299! After [insert date], the price of this workshop is $1499.

Home Health/Hospice: Early Bird price of this workshop is $1799! After [insert date], the price of this workshop is $1999.


Upon return, I will share my learnings with our team, ensuring collective growth. Your approval will not only enhance my skills but also prove beneficial for our team and agency.


Your approval would be greatly appreciated. I am eager to secure my spot promptly, ensuring a more cost-friendly registration.


Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.