Stress Test Your Business Plan

Navigating the healthcare at-home world requires a solid plan.

This quick interactive exercise is designed to help you take a closer look at your existing strategies, covering all critical aspects from territory mapping to leadership development. This isn't about right or wrong answers but about sparking insights that could help drive your agency forward. Are you ready to stress-test your business plan? Let’s begin.

How would you characterize your current approach to territory design and routing?

It's a notable weakness, or we're not sure

It's effective, but there's room for improvement

It's a strategic strength of ours

How do you use data to identify your market differentiators?

We don't use data effectively or at all for differentiation

We use data but could make more effective use of it

Data is a crucial driver of our differentiation strategy

How do you hold your team accountable for driving results and improving communication?

We lack a structured approach to accountability tactics

We have some tactics, but their use could be more consistent or effective

Accountability tactics are a fundamental part of our operations

How would you rate your effectiveness in identifying and leveraging crucial managed care opportunities?

We struggle to identify or leverage these opportunities

We see some opportunities, but we could definitely improve

We're excellent at identifying and leveraging these opportunities

How do you feel about your ability to scale up your sales team?

Scaling our team has been a challenge, or we don’t have one to scale

We've had some successes but also some difficulties

We've successfully scaled our team in the past

Are you getting the results you expected from your planning and strategy?

We're not satisfied with the results of our planning and strategy

Our results are decent but could be improved with better planning

Our planning and strategy are delivering excellent results

How effective is your recruitment and hiring process?

We're not satisfied with the results of our recruitment process

We occasionally find great hires, but the process could be more reliable

Our process consistently yields high-quality hires

How would you describe your onboarding process for new hires?

We struggle with effective onboarding or don’t have a process in place

Our onboarding process has some strengths but also areas for improvement

Our onboarding process effectively prepares new hires for early success

How would you evaluate the training provided to your team?

We're not satisfied with our current training provisions or lack thereof

Our training has value but could be more comprehensive

Our team training is comprehensive and effective

How would you describe your coaching methods?

We're not satisfied with our coaching methods or lack thereof

Our methods have some effect but could be more impactful

Our coaching methods consistently drive improvement

How would you rate your organization's leadership development initiatives?

We struggle with leadership development or lack formal initiatives

We have some leadership development, but it's not as effective as we'd like

Our leadership development is top-notch

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Big Wins, Bigger Potential

Based on your answers you are fantastic at what you do. We love to see it! This is the kind of relationship we like to foster and partner with. At the same time, there is always room to scale and grow.

We constantly strive for continual growth; this can be daunting and even seem like a risk at times. CHAP Growth Solutions collaborates with you to identify avenues that push toward the successful evolution of your agency. Together, we can maximize your agency's success.

Room To Grow

Your answers show that you clearly have a passion to grow but aren’t quite there. The first step to grow is identifying challenges and avenues that will transform your agency. CHAP Growth Solutions works with you to create a roadmap to success. Identifying these challenges and creating a plan together will drive your agency to the next level.

We’re Here To Help You Grow

We appreciate your honesty in acknowledging the challenges you're currently facing. Recognizing areas for improvement is the first step towards positive change. CHAP Growth Solutions is here to assist you in transforming your agency.

We're committed to working closely with you to redefine your business strategy, optimize your operations, and create a sustainable gameplan. Let's schedule a time to discuss your agency's needs and explore how we can collaborate effectively.